Final Team Project


During our Advertising and Public Relations Course we were assigned a project that involved being assigned a client which ending up best West Virginia Wesleyan’s Homecoming. My group consisted of myself, Owen Browning, Natalie Schaffner, Mykenzie Martin, and Chad Pinson. We had to create a campaign for Wesleyan’s Homecoming to help improve the advertising mechanisms when it comes to bringing people to Wesleyan’s homecoming.

In order to create a successful campaign we had to come up with some goals and objectives to meet. Our biggest goal was finding a way to reach younger and older alumni at the same time. We want to have a 35% increase of alumni coming to homecoming by year 2020. We have come up with multiple ways to reach this goal. First we want to upgrade Wesleyan’s social media pages. We just plan to revamp it to make it a little more modern. This way we will be able to reach the younger alumni on Twitter and Instagram while we reach the older through Facebook. Next we want to bring back a Wesleyan alumni who is now a country singer. We want her to sing the national anthem at the football game and put on a mini concert in the chapel. This would bring in alumni of all ages. We also came up with a game day walk where football players and alumni who played football for Wesleyan will walk around campus with the band. We also play to have an event called JUMP Again. These are for alumni to be involved with the fraternity’s and sororities once again.

In order to understand who our target audience was and how we could reach them we used Commspoint. We used Commspoint to get a clear understanding of how much of each of our target audience make and there ages so our advertising group can see what we are working with. We needed to capture consumer pricing, understand their priorities, and increase alumni attendance by increasing amounts of alumni who sign in to the Homecoming committee.

household income


The overall goal for our campaign was to make sure that West Virginia Wesleyan College reaches more alumni, younger and older, to come for Homecoming weekend. The West Virginia Wesleyan Homecoming Committee is trying to reach the younger and older generations of alumni with difficult barriers to overcome. Overall as a group I feel that we have come up with some great option and ideas for the Homecoming Committee to use in the next years to come. We hope we will be able to see a difference in the years to come.




How many advertisements are you exposed to?

Do we really know how many advertisements we are exposed to on a daily bases? According to the American Marketing Association we are exposed to up to 10,000 brand messages every day. American Marketing Association   “New technologies and social platforms are enabling new ways of testing for market researchers,” Mateos said.“ And more importantly, they can do this with a limited time-frame, so investment and business impact is limited.” Over the last few decades there has been a monumental changes in the advertising world due to electronics having such a powerful force in everyday life. Internet advertising, e-mail advertising, affiliate marketing, social marketing, and mobile marketing are just a few of the new marketing method. Their innovation can reach vast audiences. This means they open up enormous advertising possibilities for business. Even though there have been so many changes in the advertising industry the traditional advertising venues of radio, TV, and newspaper have not lost their value. There is more competition than ever, this means businesses have to be careful and keep a mix of the old and new methods of advertising. Sticking with just one method wouldn’t reach all the consumers. The younger generation focuses on social media; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, smart TV’s and much more. The older generation sticks to their newspapers, radios and basic TVs. You need a mix of both so you can continue to reach consumers of all ages. Unless you are trying to target a specific consumer they you should apply your ads to their needs.  Advertising Techniques. But advertisers have to be careful. They are at risk of a consumer burnout. You never want to have to much advertising for one company. One might think it is over barring. Having to many ads can definitely hurt a brand. Even with all the new technologies there can still be “to much” advertisements. Though for some consumers to see the correct number of ads, sometimes the advertisers need to overexpose viewers to come close to their desired frequency levels. You have to be able to read your viewers and tell what is to much and what is just enough. Some viewers get sick and tired of watching or listening to the same ads over and over it makes them want to rebel the ad or product in a way. Or some viewers get attached to ads or jingles and stick with it. You need to have a good enough feel for your readers to know what they like and dislike. Media Post

This past weekend I decided to take this experiment into my own hands. My friend and I decided to take a trip to the Meadowbrook Mall. As you can imagine we were exposed to advertisements all the way from Buckhannon, Meadowbrook Mall and back. From the minute we pulled out of the drive way we were hit with advertisements. Its about a 45 minute drive to the Meadowbrook Mall. You are on the main highway for most of the drive. On the highway you are constantly exposed to street signs telling you what food stops are off this exit as well as billboards. On the drive there alone we had to pass at least 100 signs that had some type of ads on them. As we get to the mall it just becomes a bit overwhelming. You are bombarded with ads from the time you walk in to the time you leave. It was almost a overload. Each store has at least 20 ads. There are a total of 96 stores and dining in the mall alone. So if there about 20 ads per 96 stores and dinning this means there are approximately 1,920 ads. Now thats a lot of ads.I never even realized how much I was being exposed to until I really looked for them. You are being told what to buy, what to like, when to like it, and more. Its all a bit confusing. To ads on to all the ads they played Christmas music. Which gets you in the holiday mood. Add Christmas music gets people to start thinking about Christmas presents. Either for another person or making a wish list for yourself.Thiswas just another way for stores to advertise without really saying a word. I went into PINK and the whole store was 40% off. If that didn’t reel you in, when you walked in a worker gave you a piece of paper that had all the prices of things marketed down so you wouldn’t have to do the math yourself. Now that is SMART advertising. I actually ended up buying 4 things from PINK when I wasn’t expecting yo buy a single item. They got me for sure. Even on the Meadowbrook Mall website they have a page just for promotions that are happening in the mall. Meadowbrook Mall

At first I couldn’t believe it was true to be exposed to 10,000 ads per day. After my mall trip I can definitely see it can be possible. I think it all has to do with where you live. If you live in a rural area you might not be exposed to that many ads per day. If you live in a more urban area you could be exposed to 10,000 ads or maybe even more. I can’t imagine what it would be like to live in New York city.

Are NFL Ratings Hurting the Advertising Business?

Its been six weeks since the 2017 NFL season has begun and the ratings are down 7.5% compared to the 2016 season. The recent diminishing of NFL ratings are beginning to affect the advertising world.  In 2014 Super Bowl 48 had 112.2 million viewers. In 2015 Super Bowl 49 had 114.4 million viewers. Super Bowl 49 became the most viewed program in T.V. history. Last year Super Bowl 50 only have 111.9 million views. With only a year difference what happened? In 2016 it cost companies about $5 million to get a 30 second commercial slot during the Super Bowl. That’s about $166,667 per second. Why would companies be willing to pay that much for an ad if the NFL ratings are down. Super Bowl Ratings

% +/-
Giants-Steelers (85%)
Panthers-Saints (61%)

NFL Week 13 Ratings

There are a lot of reasons why the NFL ratings are declining, but I’m not here to talk about that. I am here to discuss how this decline will effect the advertising world. Let me put this into perspective for you. NFL ratings have dropped over the past years. This means every year there are less and less people watch the NFL. In turn this creates a problem for companies who pay for advertisements during football season. If the people aren’t watching the NFL then they definitely aren’t watching the ads during football season. If the NFL’s ratings continue on this downwards spiral it will cost their T.V. partners millions of dollars. NFL’s T.V. networks wont be willing to  loose all there earnings or payout the costs. It’s simply to much. Business The share of companies that broadcast the NFL games are Comcast, Disney, Fox, CBS, ESPN, and more all all down. Not only has the viewings of the NFL games have been low the attendance for some games have been poor. In order to televise the games this season the network will have to pay about $5 billion. In turn this will cost the broadcasters $200 million. Only being six weeks into the NFL season and this is the result is not a good sign. The league and networks are not happy.

There aren’t very many solutions for the NFL right now. Either the protests need to stop within the NFL or they will continue to loose ratings and money. If I was a company that paid a lot of money to run my ad during football season or more specifically the Super Bowl I would be very upset. I would feel that I just wasted money on a Network that isn’t receiving there maximum amount of views. I am looking forward to see how much companies will have to pay in order for there ad air during the Super Bowl. I can tell you that it wont be $5 million or higher.



Consumer Purchasing Journey

Today I wanted to dive into the consumer purchasing experience. This experience has evolved from the early days of brand building. For brands to be successful they need to have a understanding of the new path to purchasing. Many businesses thought consumers followed a linear journey to brand purchasing. Now after much research its much more then just brands that played a factor when purchasing. Marketing researchers have come up with a consumer purchase funnel. At the top of this funnel we have awareness, which means the consumer which means they know this brand well or have heard good things about that specific brand. After awareness comes familiarity, which means they have used this product and brand before. After familiarity comes consideration, which means they take that brand into consideration and look at its opponents and prices to try and make a decision. Next is purchase on the consumer purchasing funnel, they have picked a product and are going to use it. Last is loyalty, once the buyer had purchased the product or brand they have liked it and now are loyal to that specific brand. There are a lot of decisions that go into purchasing a product and brand, think of why you shop for the same brand every time you go shopping.

If you don’t see yourself falling into that funnel theirs a different way to look at it. McKinsey’s Consumer Decision Journey is a little different. First, the consumer considers an initial set of brands based on brand perceptions and exposure to recent touch points. Reasons for switching could be price, availability or even variety. Second, the consumers add of subtract brands and evaluate what they want. This is kind of like making a pros and cons list. Next the consumer selects the brand at the moment of purchase. After purchasing a product or service, builds expectations based on experience to inform the next decision journey.

Next time you go shopping think of your purchasing process, do you stick to a brand? Or are you a broke college student like myself that sticks with the cheapest brand they can find.

Guest Speaker: Mike Arbogast

On Monday in my Advertising and Public Relations class we had a guest speaker, Mr. Mike Arbogast. He is a West Virginia graduate that now works for a marketing firm called InnerAction Media. Mike walked us through how an agency works, specifically his agency. First he talked about different types of agencies, such as; branding, advertising, public relations, design, digital, or full service. The agency he works for, InnerAction Media, is a hybrid.  This means there are full-service with a focus in Digital/Inbound. InnerAction Media offers a lot of different services to there customers. They offer brand development, website development, video production, digital advertising, social media, graphic design, and even jingle productions. The first thing he taught us, we are problem solvers. Most of your clients need to know how you can help solve my problem. With your clients its all about communication and building trust. If we don’t understand we can’t really help.  Just like you need to know there business and they need to understand yours. When you are building trust with your clients you need to set goals, motivations, struggles or challenges, and a SWOT analysis. Like he said, “if we don’t understand you we can’t help.” You need to be able to ask the tough questions as well as answer them. Such as, what are your revenue goals? Who are you ideal customers? What are your current ads and marketing strategies? How we will measure success? With this you need to be able to answer questions quickly and intelligently. You need to be able to set clients expectations early.

Next Mike talked a lot about Persona. Persona is the aspect of somebodies character that is presented to or perceived by others.  You need to know the person you are working for? What is their job level? What does a day in their life look like? You need to know there demographics, such as age, gender and more.  You need to know there biggest challenges. Or how does our business solve their challenges.

As a marketing major I found all this information extremely helpful and I will keep it in mind as I continue on my journey into the marketing profession. His ability to convey the businesses strategy was impressive. I would like to be able to have that connection with a business I work for one day. His insights did not go unnoticed and he truly captivated the room during his presentation, which is often hard to do in-front a group of college students that are easily distracted. I recommend anyone that reads this blog to go InnerAction Media online to find out more about this new marketing firm right here in West Virginia.